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eBay cuts ties with Flipkart; plans big come back with import inventory

Within a year of getting into a strategic partnership, eBay has officially stated that it would cut all its ties with Flipkart, and intends on selling its stake for USD 1.1 billion.

Project CodeTalk: How Microsoft India empowers visually impaired programmers

A team of researchers at Microsoft India has made the experience of coding much easier for visually impaired programmers. The researchers have added certain auditory features to Integrated Development Environment tools (IDEs) which help the visually impaired to write and test code using sound instead of visual cues. 

Google Dialogflow: How enterprises can use it for chatbot development

At a time when enterprises are searching for innovative ways to automate their processes, Google's full release of Dialogflow enterprise edition is expected to add value in the development of conversational AI tools for improved end-user experience.

Will GDPR affect the use of artificial intelligence in the enterprise space?

Upcoming privacy laws in Europe may hurt implementation of artificial intelligence in the enterprise space. 

RBI Monetary Policy 2018-19: Key announcements for India's digital payments sector

The Reserve Bank of India's first bi-monthly monetary policy statement for this fiscal year came out with announcements that directly impact the country's payments industry.

Microsoft goes green in India: Solar to power 80 percent of Bengaluru unit's operations

Under Karnataka government's program to encourage investments in solar energy operations, Microsoft has signed its first major renewable energy deal in India. 

Innovation will give boost to connected vehicle solutions in India

The market for connected vehicle solutions is slowly growing in India owing to rising demands by fleet managers to save maintenance costs and increase road safety.

Ripple's global payment superhighway transforms inter-bank transactions: Navin Gupta

Navin Gupta, Country Head, Ripple India talks about how Ripple is transforming cross-border payments using its distributed ledger technology.

The internet is under threat, needs a legal framework: Tim Berners-Lee

On the 29th anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web, its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns against rising online misinformation and concentration of power among a handful internet companies.

Indian businesses report higher vulnerability to fraud, says Kroll report

Kroll, a corporate investigations and risk consulting firm based in the US, has published its 10th annual Global Fraud & Risk Report. The survey conducted among business executives across the globe has reported higher reporting of fraud incidents in India when compared to the global average. 

Android for enterprise: Google specifies devices and guidelines

Google has laid down the minimum standards for smartphones to ensure their safe and effective use in the enterprise.

India-Canada collaborate on entrepreneurship exchange programs

The initiative aims to identify innovative startups in both countries and help them scale quickly across global markets.