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Venezuela launches first government-backed cryptocurrency; raises 735 million USD in a day

Petro, the oil-backed state cryptocurrency of Venezuela has received tremendous response from investors during its pre-sale.

FinTech disruption: Does India need Initial Coin Offerings?

Technology experts and heads of financial institutions debate the necessity and role of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) in fintech innovation.

Experts bullish on blockchain in India

At the Blockchain Conclave organized by the government of Karnataka in Bengaluru, experts from across the globe gathered to share their views on how blockchain technology is impacting the exchange of data across various sectors. 

Regulation will clarify crypto trade rules in India, say experts

After the the Income Tax Department issued notices to about 1 lakh cryptocurrency investors, experts believe rules for taxation and trade should be clearly defined.

Payment cards are evolving into mini computers

Leading payment card companies, Mastercard and Visa roll out products with advanced features making them more interactive and secure.

Will GoI finally wake up to the Bitcoin bubble?

Will the Indian government recognize the exchange of cryptocurrencies, owing to rapidly growing popularity across the globe?

GoI to enhance security framework for digital payments

Among rising cyber-attacks and data breaches, the Indian government has been working to strengthen the legal framework for cybersecurity standards.

Global IT majors creating more energy efficient data centers

For CIOs, power usage and maintenance expenditure of data centers is progressively turning out to be a vital challenge, making them explore alternate sources of energy for innovative power-saving tactics.

5 major mergers that changed the telecom game in India

Mergers seem to be the flavor of telecom industry in India recently. Here are five that changed the telecom landscape in India.

Microsoft releases detailed report on Azure outage

The incident showed the complexity of managing cloud hosting services, in which a small error can create a ripple effect to impact thousands of customers.

OpenWorld 2017: Oracle announces major innovations

Oracle's executive chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison introduced an autonomous database, capable of automated patching.

Indian companies to get preference in government’s cybersecurity procurements

Government of India shall give preferential treatment to Indian companies in the procurement of cybersecurity products used across all its departments at the center and state levels. See if you qualify.