How Monzo is rewriting the rulebook when reporting data breaches

Monzo is one of a new breed of digital-only UK challenger banks, and it is ripping up the rulebook when it comes to informing customers of technical issues - but can its attitude towards total transparency change attitudes in an inherently risk-averse industry?

How Naked Wines is bringing a digital-first approach to a vintage industry

Naked Wines is the online-only wine retailer promising to deliver crates of quality vino to your front door. Carving a space as a digital-first brand in an industry most commonly associated with old-world luxury - where the age of the product actually increases its value - is not easy, and requires an interesting approach to digital strategy.

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Delaware to test blockchain-based business filing system

The state envisions a blockchain network that lets firms incorporating in Delaware automate business processes and will allow regulators and investors to track stocks and assets in real time.

Can fintechs and banks live harmoniously?

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Google flips switch on Chrome's newest defensive technology

With 'Site Isolation' in use, the browser should be better protected from Spectra-like attacks designed to steal info such as log-on credentials.

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So many people prefer to text instead of talk these days, so it’s important to consider how secure these services are. You wouldn't want hackers or those who would do you harm to know where you were going to be, or when your home will be empty.