Topic: cloud

IEEE sets fog computing standard for compute, storage, control and networking technology

The OpenFog Consortium developed IEEE 1934, a standard shaped by ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Princeton University, to handle the massive data generated by IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence.

What’s new in Kubernetes containers

Kubernetes 1.11 adds a new load-balancing method and provides custom resource definitions

Metrics with Design Thinking, Lean, Agile and DevOps

Selection of metrics has to be well thought through. It can’t be taken lightly; it has a deep-seated impact on results and the organization’s culture.

Google cloud storage gets a boost with managed NAS service

Google is adding to its cloud storage options with the debut of a network attached storage (NAS) service called Google Cloud Filestore. Also, Los Angeles is the newest site for Google Cloud Platform in the U.S.

GoToMeeting adds AI transcription features, Amazon Alexa integration

LogMeIn-owned videoconferencing tool also gets text chat function.

Dispatch from the Super Internet

There’s a much better internet than the one you’re using. Here’s what’s keeping you out.

Microsoft makes Azure IoT Edge available on GitHub with new updates

Microsoft has announced a string of updates to Azure IoT Edge, as the tech giant opens up global availability for enterprise deployments on GitHub​.

BP IT chief: we became too reliant on third parties

BP is looking to bring a lot of its IT back in-house as part of a wider modernisation programme across the entire energy group, which comprises of a massive 74,000 employees.

MongoDB releases mobile-specific version of its NoSQL database

Database specialist MongoDB has made a range of announcements this week during MongoDB World - which is back in New York for its first year as a publicly listed company - including a new mobile version of its core database and the addition of 'global clusters' to its Atlas database-as-a-service (DBaaS) offering.

Slack outage causes disruption, but highlights importance of team chat

As cloud services become ubiquitous in the workplace, expectations for uptime rise.

Data: Challenges with the most precious asset created by digital transformation

Businesses need holistic data management practices that can link data across applications and business functions. Growing legislation has heightened the need for effective and secure data management policies.

What is Julia? A fresh approach to numerical computing

A “no compromises” programming language for data scientists, Julia combines the ease of a dynamic language with the speed of a compiled language