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Microsoft Hints at Potential C# 7 Features
Microsoft is moving forward with plans for version 7 of its C# language, posting lists of potential features, including tuples, pattern matching, nullability tracking and syntax for lists.
Red Hat Broadens Programming Language Support
Potentially making work easier for system administrators, Red Hat has updated its development packages to support running multiple versions of the same programming language on its flagship enterprise operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
MIT's Picture Language could be Worth a Thousand lines of Code
Now that machine-learning algorithms are moving into mainstream computing, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is preparing a way to make it easier to use the technique in everyday programming.
Cool Tools for Compiling to JavaScript
Every programmer has a favorite language or two. JavaScript lovers are the luckiest these days because their language is taking over the Internet and the Internet is taking over the world. Those whose hearts reside elsewhere in the programming language world, however, are stuck. They can either stay on the sidelines and curse the relentless juggernaut of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js, or they can find a way to love it.
Scala.js Lets you Compile Scala to JavaScript
Scala, developed as a functional and object-oriented language for the Java Virtual Machine, is now multiplatform, with developers using it in abundance on JavaScript via Scala.js, Scala founder Martin Odersky says.
Java Update Spotlights JavaScript, Memory Usage
With a planned update to Java today, Oracle looks to improve memory management, native packaging, JavaScript compatibility, and usability.
HP Extends R Programming Language for Big Data Use
Hewlett-Packard has devised a way to run programs written in the R statistical programming language against data sets that span more than one server, potentially paving the way for large-scale, real-time predictive analytics.
Microsoft, IBM get Behind Stewardship of Node.js Web Runtime Platform

A new foundation created by Joyent hopes to establish vendor neutral governance for the open-source software

Developers Get Real Numbers on JavaScript Library Usage

Libscore crawls the top million websites to gather and track information on which JavaScript libraries are being used.

Amazon Launches Lambda, an Event-driven Compute Service

Lambda replaces the need to run a separate virtual machine to coordinate multiple AWS services.

Microsoft Ramps Up 'Devops' Capabilities for Developers

Microsoft has added release management, performance measurement, and configuration blueprints to its devops arsenal.

10 Things You Should Know About Apple's Swift
Apple recently unveiled Swift, a new language to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development.