Topic: machine learning

U.S. Treasury: Regulators should back off FinTech, allow innovation

The Treasury Department, in a report, is recommending that state and federal regulators loosen their grip on FinTech and financial services firms in general and allow them to innovate.

Oracle offers GraphPipe spec for machine learning data transmission

GraphPipe is intended to bring the efficiency of a binary, memory-mapped format while being simple and light on dependencies

Most common interview questions for IT professionals

Whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned IT professional, interviews can be an unsettling experience.

Intel India hosts Artificial Intelligence DevCon in Bangalore

Attended by more than 500 developers, the event served as a platform to share updates on real-world applications of AI that can benefit businesses, and people. 

ML.Net aims to provide machine learning for .Net developers

Microsoft's new machine learning framework promises high-level APIs to make model training and predictions easy, along with strong integration of .Net language features

What is SQL? All you need to know about Structured Query Language

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language designed for database management and manipulation – primarily used to find and pull information from large databases.

Why this van leasing site turned to chatbots and machine learning

Vanarama, the popular U.K. van leasing website famous for its catchy TV and radio advert jingle and its sponsorship of the National League football division, has brought its IT back in-house as it looks to deliver new capabilities like chatbots and machine learning to its customers at speed.

AI: the fight Google Cloud can win

Google Cloud may be losing the battle for market supremacy, but with the war yet to be won, a secret weapon for the channel is emerging.

How CA’s internal ‘Shark Tank’ sparks innovation and aids start-ups

It can be difficult for big companies to remain innovative. Particularly 11,000 employee, USD 19 billion-valued, 42 year old companies like CA Technologies.

Singapore's UOB to launch an ASEAN digital bank

The Singaporean giant aims to build a customer base of three to five million in the next five years

Python scales language popularity charts

Already tops in the IEEE and PyPL rankings, Python could soon conquer the Tiobe index too

How Google decides to open source its technology

Google has a solid reputation as an engineering organisation with an open source culture, with Googlers contributing a huge amount of code back to the community and projects like TensorFlow and Kubernetes making a mainstream impact.